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Are you aware of the limitations on law firm names...

Picking a name for your law firm can be very challenging! Be sure not to run afoul of these restrictions from the State Bar of California:




To remain in compliance with Rule 1-400 of California Rules of Professional Conduct, you must justify the use of the word “Group” in your name. You may do this by naming at least one other individual employed by your corporation. This person need not be an attorney.


Law Offices

Including the term “Law Offices” implies that the law corporation has more than one address, or more than one attorney including the shareholder at the address of record for the corporation. Thus, the term should not be used unless this arrangement is true. The Law Corporation Program will accept a home address as the second office. The law corporation must provide The State Bar with both addresses.



Per Rule 1-100 “Rules of Professional Conduct in General”, including the term “Associate” means an employee or fellow employee who is employed as a lawyer. The corporation must execute a guarantee in the amounts sufficient to cover the number of attorneys practicing on behalf of the corporation as required by the State Bar Law Corporation Rule IV-B.



Including the term “Associates” implies that in addition to the shareholder, the corporation must name at least two (2) other attorneys employed by the corporation and execute a guarantee in the amounts sufficient to cover the number of attorneys practicing on behalf of the corporation as required by the State Bar Law Corporation Rule IV-B.


Corporate Designations Allowed

A Law Corporation name must include an ending designation such as: A Professional Corporation, A Professional Law Corporation, Professional Corporation, Professional Law Corporation, Law Corporation, APC, A.P.C., PC, P.C., Prof. Corp., A Professional Legal Corporation, Professional Legal Corporation, A Legal Corporation, Inc., Incorporated, Corporation, A California Professional Corporation, L.C., Ltd., Limited, P.A., and Professional Association.


Corporate Designations Not Allowed

“APLC” & “PLC” are not permitted because in other states/foreign countries, APLC may suggest that the entity is “a Public Liability Company” or “Professional Legal Consultant” and therefore is misleading to the public.


“LLC” is not permitted as a corporate designation, and the State Bar does not certify an “LLC” within California for the purposes of practicing law, based on underlying Corporate Code concerning Professional Corporations. See Corporate Code Section 17375. 



Are you considering practicing with other attorneys?

Consider an LLP...

The State Bar of California's Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) program certifies professional partnerships to allow partners to limit their vicarious liability for the acts tortious or otherwise of their partners and employees in accordance with statutes and the State Bar's Limited Liability Partnership Rules and Regulations.


Or, is a Professional Law Corporation the right entity for you?

The State Bar's Law Corporations Program certifies professional corporations that wish to practice law in accordance with applicable statutes and court rules. 

Law Corporation Rules of the State Bar
Subject to Supreme Court approval, the State Bar is authorized by law to establish and enforce rules for corporations that practice law in California. To practice law in California, a corporation must be certified by the California Secretary of State and registered by the State Bar. These rules refer to such a corporation as a law corporation.
Cal Bar Law Corporations.pdf
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About Jay

Jay Pink is an attorney who left an established law firm and opened his own law practice focused on helping small business owners - including fellow attorneys.  Having his CPA license, and working in multiple family businesses over his career has positioned him to provide valuable insight on successful business operations.


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Estate Planning

I highly recommend Jay for all your estate planning needs. He is thoughtful and listens to your questions and comments. He gives sound advice that you need to be able to count on your attorney to give. He is not only a great resource for estate planning needs, he is also a great resource for our business to. He is constantly looking for ways to help me grow our business and ways to keep expenses down. He is a wealth of knowledge and a trusted adviser that I can always count on!


- David 

Family Trust

My wife and I hired Jay to develop and guide us through putting together a Trust. He and his staff were exceptional at answering all of our questions and we are very satisfied with the result. I was especially thankful for how he answered and made my wife feel extremely comfortable. I have no hesitations in highly recommending Jay. 


- Joe

Business Law

Jay helped my family and I with setting up our corporation. Jay has a vast wealth of knowledge and provides key advice to make sure that every aspect of a business is set up for maximum success. He makes you feel welcome and you can genuinely see his desire to do what is best for his clients. He is extremely thorough and always follows up, making sure that everything is turning out the way it should. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone who needs legal help.




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