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Estate Planning - More than Just Wills and Trusts

  • Did someone you know recently pass away and their paperwork wasn't in order?
  • Have you gone through probate with a family member's estate?
  • Are you worried the government will take your hard earned money upon your death?
  • Are you ready to put your own affairs in order? 
  • Do you want to name guardians for your children?

After you’re gone, control over how your assets are distributed - if you don't put a plan in place the government decides who get's what!


Wait, what? It’s true — by default your assets will be redistributed in the probate system. And that may mean not according to your wishes. That is a time consuming, expensive, and SLOW process for your heirs. Your assets will be held out of reach of your heirs until the court finalizes the probate proceedings.


It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With good estate planning you can direct your hard earned assets.

What is Estate Planning?

Probate Fee Calculator

If you don't have a properly drafted and funded trust your estate may be stuck in Probate - that is an expensive oversight. You can click the button below to calculate the Fees that would be associated with your estate going through Probate!

*Be warned - it's Expensive!

Consanguinity Table

Comes from the Latin meaning: With the Blood.

This is the table that the government uses to determine who your heirs are. 

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