Want to form a new LLC or Corporation?

Incorporation, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership, Sole Proprietor...Oh my.


Would you like someone to help you through the process of taking your business to the next level?

Step 1 - Get Informed

Use this link to schedule a 30-minute Zoom conference meeting with a real lawyer to discuss your specific situation and decide upon the best entity choice based on your goals. 

Learn more about S-Corp vs. LLC. 

or, if you're ready to chat:

Step 2 - Provide Details

Once the attorney advises you on the proper entity choice you will need to submit the required contact information and details to form the entity. 


Utilize our secure online intake form: 

Step 3 - Meet to Sign

Once all your documents are ready you'll need to meet with the attorney to review and sign all the required documents. 


You'll also receive helpful information on taking your first steps with your new entity - what and where you will need to share the information. 

Launch Meeting!

We will file and process your signed documents the appropriate government agencies. Once that is all done we will meet to review and give you Launch Instructions to get you off and running! We're always available afterwards for counsel for business clients.

What does all this cost?

As a business minded law firm we want to be transparent with the investment in legal fees that is involved with this process. 


Single Owner (including Spouses or Domestic Partners) Entity

  • $1,250, plus filing costs. 

Multiple Owner Entities

  • $2,250, plus filing costs


Entity Formation Costs Corporation LLC
Filing Corporation Articles with Secretary of State $ 165 $ 70 
Statement of Information $ 25 $ 20 
25102(f) to CBDO $ 25 $ 25 
Entity Binder  $ 100 $ 100 
DBA (Filing + Publishing) - Optional + $200    
24-hour Rush Fee - Optional +$ 650    
Subtotal $ 310 $ 215 

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