Estate Planning

Estate Planning · 26. May 2020
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Estate Planning · 06. April 2020
A a frequently asked question is how to share power between someone who is a Power of Attorney agent (POA) and a Trustee.

Estate Planning · 19. March 2020
Green burials return the body to the Earth in a way that maximizes decomposition, and minimizes carbon footprint and chemical seepage. It’s also much less expensive.
Estate Planning · 18. March 2020
Bio cremation, also known as resomation, green cremation, or water cremation, is an alternative to casket burials and fire-based cremation.

Estate Planning · 12. January 2020
Effective January 1, 2020, a new law will significantly impact your retirement accounts. This law is the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act or the SECURE Act.
Estate Planning · 03. January 2020
Set emergency contacts on your iphone.

Estate Planning · 26. November 2019
The right to property ownership in California. A tumultuous history from Spanish rule to Mexican rancheros and then to the California recorder's office system that is in place today.
Estate Planning · 29. September 2019
Protecting property ownership has been a public concern throughout the years. Because of this, the position of the County Recorder was born. How can this help you buy a property in confidence?

Estate Planning · 15. September 2019
The Jewish inheritance is patrilineal. The father is the owner of the land. He leaves his land only to his male descendants. So the Promised Land passes from one Jewish father to his sons.
Estate Planning · 14. September 2019
The Roman law of inheritance signifies important social changes. From their economic structures to their value systems, it echoed the society's progression. In this article, the law of succession revealed the tension between civil law and praetorian law.

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