IC-DISC - A key perk for US Businesses
Business Law · 05. May 2021
If you’re exporting goods without an IC-DISC (an “interest charge domestic international sales corporation”), you’re likely paying more income tax than necessary. By implementing this powerful tax planning strategy, you could realize significant tax savings on your foreign sales.
Estate Planning · 30. October 2020
Alzheimer's Association recommendations to keep your brain healthy for life

Estate Planning · 25. August 2020
The transfer on death deed, like any other method of estate planning, has its benefits and drawbacks. These pros and cons all depend on the status of your finances, the amount of assets you possess, the urgency of your situation, and much more. Any type of estate planning is a step in the right direction if you have your loved ones’ futures in mind.
Holographic Will
Estate Planning · 07. August 2020
Holographic Will - a bygone era's battlefield way to distribute your assets upon your death

Business Law · 23. July 2020
Purchasing a company that is already in existence is a valid alternative. If you are interested in potentially acquiring a business instead of starting one from the ground up, there are several vital questions to answer.
Business Law · 28. June 2020
With release of the New EZ PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Process, more business are seen to qualify. Read more to find out if this would include your business.

Business Law · 16. June 2020
Women-Owned Businesses are a fast-growing segment of the marketplace! Grants, Certifications, and other Resources!
Estate Planning · 26. May 2020
Proud Member of the ARAG Attorney Network

Estate Planning · 06. April 2020
A a frequently asked question is how to share power between someone who is a Power of Attorney agent (POA) and a Trustee.
Estate Planning · 19. March 2020
Green burials return the body to the Earth in a way that maximizes decomposition, and minimizes carbon footprint and chemical seepage. It’s also much less expensive.

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